duration: 36 minutes

FIELD 36 is an electro-acoustic, minimal, improvised structure for sine tones, bowed resonating bowl, feedback, unnatural field recordings, and objects.

Based on the the letters in the word “FIELD”, both practically and conceptually, the score consists of five sections. Each section is a unique duration which corresponds, in minutes, to letter’s place in the English alphabet.

Over the course of 32 minutes the piece accumulates as new elements are introduced in each section; until the final section, “D”, where the elements de-accumulate, or roll-off, over a four minute period.

F = 6 mins. | I = 9 mins | E = 5 mins. | L = 12 mins. | D = 4 mins.


phrase_cycle: accumulation/de-accumulation

A universal score for movement music, sound, dance, actions, text, voice, etc.

Each artist creates 3 motifs; which are performed, sequentially, according to the score.