pan–oscillate: electro-acoustic sound and light installation
May, 2017, Galerie Cella/Bludny Kamen, Opava, CZ


pan–oscillate utilizes the sound and kinetic qualities of oscillating ventilators.

Three ventilators oscillate, at different speeds, passing a microphone and lamp with each rotation. As they pass the microphone and lamp, the sound of the wind is amplified through one of three speakers. Simultaneously, a shadow is created as the ventilator passed the light.

The three lamps, one on each microphone stand, are the only light sources in the the otherwise dark room(s).The result is a sound score, comprised of three constant, acoustic white noise sounds as well as three amplified sounds in varying intervals. All of the sounds meet and interact with the acoustic and resonant qualities of the space(s) creating a dense soundscape.

The three shadows move back and forth, according to the movements of each of the fans, expanding and contracting, joining and separating from each other. The audience is immersed in the moving images and sounds as she/he moves through the space.



seconds phase: sound and visual installation
May, 2017, Galerie Cella / Hovorny / Bludny Kamen, Opava, CZ

As visitors enter one of the two brightly lit booths of Hovorny (former phone booths), they find four clock movements (the mechanical part of the clock) hanging at “ear-level”. They first notice the jerking movements of the four hands and their corresponding shadows. Each tick every second, but they are not synchronized. As the visitor finds silence, she/he begin to hear the subtle ticking sounds as they syncopate, create polyrhythms, and phase in and out of time with each other.

The street noise adds another layer to the sound work; sometimes providing a passing, ambient soundscape and other times overwhelming and canceling the sound completely; leaving the only visual elements.

The goal of seconds phase is to provide a place where a visitor can observe, through listening and watching, the passing of unsynchronized seconds.



Oct/Nov 2015, Ex Teresa de Arte Actual, Mexico DF, MX

dilution is a 3 part project:

2 site-relative, autodestructive installations
1 live-performance by Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa” Costa


curated by Sofía Carrillo and Pedro Ortiz within the context of
“Muestra de Arte Actual. Traducir en acción. Dibujo en proceso”